Martyrdom as Witness

Through June 3, I was in Cincinnati for a meeting of the House of Bishops theology committee. It had been a year and a half since we last met.

A Choice of Death or Resurrection

This week I spoke at the State Capitol prior to other religious leaders and I taking a petition to the governor’s office, asking him to commute the sentences of the people on Arkansas’s death row. For him to do so would be a powerful witness to the resurrection at the very time we Christians celebrate Easter.

The Quantum Mechanics of Christianity

Preachers love a good quotation. Most often those quotes come from Scripture, but sometimes they come serendipitously from the unlikeliest of sources.

Don't Let Cell Phones Fool You

Back in Tennessee, when I was a teenager,  at 4-H camp we had a darkroom, where we would spend hours in that somewhat mystifying process of being surrounded by pans of chemicals, turning negatives into photographs. Taking a photograph with actual film is a different experience than holding up a cell phone. You plan your photograph

At the end of the line-up

Spring weather is fast approaching, and I am getting anxious. No, it is not the threat of tornadoes. It is the fact that I will be riding my bike in Little Rock by a baseball, softball, and T-ball complex, with all those kids out there getting ready either to impress or embarrass their parents. Yes, it is anxiety producing, and here is why.

A Time to End Executions

Arkansas churches will be filled on Easter Day, April 16. Yet the next day this state will begin executing people. From April 17 through April 28, the state of Arkansas plans to execute eight convicts on the state’s Death Row. It is said to be the most concentrated execution schedule in the United States since the re-introduction of the death penalty in 1977.

The Mississippi Delta Desert

The Mississippi is a grand river. To the east and west of its banks lies an incredibly fertile piece of American land: the Mississippi River Delta. For a hundred miles into the states of Arkansas and Mississippi the Delta wanders, a huge agricultural resource of flat, easily farmed land.

Someone visiting from another planet would assume that the residents of the Delta feast every day on a wide variety of vegetables and fruits,